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Discover how Gabriel installed a compliant hidden microwave drawer, seamlessly blending safety and style in his modern kitchen renovation.
Hidden Microwave Drawer

Do you have small appliances on constant display in your kitchen? Our customer, Gabriel transformed his kitchen with a hidden microwave drawer to create clutter-free countertops. To ensure compliance with Canadian Electrical Code standards, he paired his Blade Series in-drawer outlet with Docking Drawer's Safety Interlock Outlet featuring a Blade Limit Switch. This innovative safety feature detects the drawer's position and automatically cuts power when the drawer is closed, preventing appliances from remaining powered inside the drawer. 

Video transcript:

“I want to share a minor upgrade made during my kitchen renovation. So most Canadian homeowners will tell you that this is an illegal installation since putting an electrical outlet inside a closed cabinet is illegal in Canada. But I assure you this installation is 100% legit. Right now, the microwave is not working. No light and no electricity. When I pull this drawer out, it becomes fully functional. There's a small safety clip here that needs to be pulled up to enable the drawer to go back in place. Since back inside, the appliance can no longer work. This is in a regular IKEA kitchen cabinet of 24 inches by 30 inches. I have installed special IKEA hinges that allow the door to open further than 90 degrees. There is a grip and I can pull the appliance directly since I've installed some leg stoppers on the surface, ensuring the microwave does not slip. So these are my two rubber leg stoppers screwed into the surface. On the back is the outlet box fixed with three-inch corner braces, and behind it is some flexible metal arm that supports and protects the electrical wire. There's also a second outlet that we do not see right now fixed to the back of the cabinet, and this is how to close it with the safety lock located just here.”

“This is the outlet you need to install at the back of your cabinet to do this installation, the one that comes with the on and off switch available at You will also need this second outlet with an extendable arm to pull out the appliance, which is also available at The small F switch from the previous outlet needs to be fixed to the metal arm to work. I have fixed the outlet to the surface with regular three-inch corner braces from Home Depot. The holes in the braces fit perfectly with the ones on the metal box of the outlet. From IKEA, this is called a pull-out work surface that I have repurposed. Regular drawers have vertical walls that would block the microwave door. A regular drawer would do for appliances that do not have a front door like a toaster or a mixer. These are the hinges I recommend for the door. The set of two is just $10 more expensive than regular 90-degree hinges, but these open wider. Finally, the Arm of the Blade outlet measures 12.5 inches wide. I do not recommend installing it inside a 12-inch cabinet, but any cabinet size from 15 inches and higher would do. This installation would make installing any small appliance inside a kitchen cabinet safe and legal. Thanks for watching.”

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